Our Story


ArtPI is the first public API designed and optimized for art. It uses AI (artificial intelligence) and deep learning models trained over 1 million artworks. ArtPI is aware of the concepts of style, genre, subject matter, composition, light, space, color and other principles and elements of art. ArtPI provides solutions for art market professionals and businesses, such as galleries, auction houses, museums, and online marketplaces. 

Individuals can search a database of public artworks at artpi.io while businesses can benefit from our easy-to-implement website plugin or full API to search their private collections and display a visual search options on their website along with "related content" predictions and recommendations to optimize visitor engagement and sales.

Additionally, ArtPI can be used on social media networks, such as Instagram, to report on most shared artworks from an art fair or a gallery exhibit, just by drag and dropping a picture of the displayed artwork.

The power of AI is finally available to the art market to base business decisions on data.

We believe...

that Artificial Intelligence can provide unique and unprecedented solutions that help artists, galleries, and collectors worldwide achieving their aspirations.

The key feature of our innovation is the ability to quantify aesthetic concepts that for long-time were believed to be subjective. Based mainly on visual analytics, our models were shown to be able to predict style changes and trends in historical data. In an art market that is worth more that 64 billion dollars, where the mass of that market is art bought as investment, comes the need for data-analytics tools that assert the potential value of art.